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Sakura in Buriram, Thailand

Hi & Sawaddee kah

Swaikitchen is the somewhat unlikely story of how a passion for food, a pandemic & the internet can make two people from widely different parts of the world find each other.

What is SwaiKitchen

The simple answer would be “a mixture of Swedish & Thai cooking” but when we started to delve more into that topic, we discovered that there are gaps on both sides of each other’s kitchens.

A little loosely, one could say that:

  • In Sweden, Thai food is Pad Thai
  • In Thailand, Swedish food is Meatballs (Ikeas)

So we decided to try and spread some light, thus swaikitchen.com was born

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How is Swaikitchen operated?

Swaikitchen.com is completely self-funded, we have no sponsorship agreements or affiliations with manufacturers or sellers. We get a small portion of the costs paid through our affiliate partnerships, but try to be very selective in what we choose to link to.

We only link to things/services that we ourselves buy or would consider buying.

Frequently asked questions

Where in Thailand are you staying?

We try to travel around and visit different parts of Thailand when we are down there. But what we call home is the Province of Buriram (northeast of Bangkok).

What kind of food comes from Buriram

Buriram belongs to the Isaan region in Thailand, here influences from Laos & Cambodia are mixed into the traditional Thai cooking. In general, however, it can be said that dishes from here are very spicy
Typical dishes from Buriram are:

Tam mak hung (Papaya Salad)
Larb (salad with meat/pork)
Gai yang (grilled chicken)

Contact us

The easiest and fastest is to use our contact page: Contact us

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