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Hello there, dear readers

We believe in being as honest and transparent as possible and with that in mind I’d like to take a second to explain what Affiliate Disclosure & affiliate links are and how we use them here on this site.

Affiliate Disclosure is English and the direct Swedish translation is “Samarbetes Avslöjande”, (Revelation or Discovery). We don’t think any of those words constitute a sensible description, so we use the English term Affiliate Disclosure instead. It is well accepted online.

The quick explanation

Some links here on the site are affiliate links (also called advertising links), especially those to products or stores.

If you as a visitor click on such a link and end up at a store, we will be compensated if you buy something. That is, only if you buy something. And it means nothing more to you than that you support us and our continued work with the site. You therefore pay the same price for the product.

In cases where we review or test a specific product, we have not been paid to test. But we use an affiliate link if you are interested in the product.

Some partners we work with

Longer explanation about Affiliate and Affiliate collaborations

An affiliate link is like a regular link, i.e. ones that the entire internet is built around. The only difference is that the person who shared the link may be compensated for any purchases you make at a store.

So it’s like a kind of advertisement. But the difference with, for example, banner ads is that for these you as a site owner can only get paid if you see the ad or if you click on it. In the case of affiliate advertising, a transaction must take place for compensation to be paid.

Are all links (to products & stores) on the site affiliate links?

In short, No!

The vast majority of links are internal and lead you to related information. We also link in some cases to references, these links are advertising-free but the web page they lead to may contain advertising.

How much is the compensation from the store?

Good question, but unfortunately the answer is both long and complex.
But in short, it can be said that depending on the partner, product, campaign, etc., the so-called kickback from affiliate links is around 5-10%. D vs. if you buy something for SEK 300, we get SEK 15-30.
Maybe not sums for which you sell your soul directly.

Why do we use Affiliate Links & Collaborations?

It costs money to run a site like this. First of all, all the technical stuff. A domain, a theme and plugins for the frontend then web hosting for the backend. Certain programs and services are also required to be able to produce all material in the best possible way. In addition, time is then added to write all the texts. Everything costs money!

Being able to live on a site like this is not possible, so we see our advertising more as a service to our readers.
We provide tips on what and where to find products that we think you might enjoy.

So feel free to click and with a clear conscience that you are supporting a very small business

A little more formal

By using our website, you hereby agree to our Affiliate Disclosure and agree to its terms.

The links on our website may lead to external websites, which are provided for convenience only. Any information or statements appearing on these sites are not sponsored, endorsed or otherwise approved by Swaikitchen. For these external websites, Swaikitchen cannot be held responsible for the availability of or the content found on or through it. In addition, any loss or damage incurred through the use of this content or the internet in general

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