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Ping's Sakura
NamePing’s Sakura
AddressLuntmakargatan 59, 113 58 Stockholm
KitchenAsian from Japan & Taiwan
WebPing Sakura
Date of visit2023-10-27


This is the restaurant for those who want to try a little more authentic Asian food, especially Hotpot and Yaki (Asian barbecue) and maybe try drinking Sake. The focus is on Japan & Taiwan, but there are also traces of the rest of Asia in the dishes.

We had our sights set on Hotpot , so that’s what this post will be about

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Find Here

If you ever have to use the term “plateau”, it’s probably now
A stone’s throw from Rådmansgatan subway station, 5 min walk

Our visit to Ping’s Sakura

On recommendation we had booked a table and it was probably lucky. Because even though it was fairly empty when we arrived (shortly after 4pm), it didn’t take long before the restaurant was full.

The environment

Ping’s Sakura is not a luxury restaurant, but a fairly ordinary Asian restaurant. The restaurant is functional, well-kept and homely. The atmosphere is low-key and relaxed.

There is plenty of space and it’s easy to get between the tables, but it seems like you don’t come here to surf. Here the focus is on the food and conversation

Ping's Sakura

The food

Without a doubt, this is where Ping’s Sakura puts its focus and will not leave anyone disappointed.
As I said, we came to eat hotpot and the hotpot at Ping’s Sakura is varied to say the least, 11 different main dishes, 4 different broths & a long line of sauces. Should that not be enough, you can add other types of protein to your composition. It is served with rice or Udon noodles and vegetables.
For those of you who have difficulty deciding, we recommend that you read the menu on the web first 🙂

You can combine according to your own opinion and taste, here there is pork, beef and game meat. You can get sauces in different levels of spiciness.
We chose Pork loin, Sukiyaki broth and a number of different sauces, and we chose to drink beer.
Then we had a party for 2 hours 🙂

Hot pot

Each hotpot session is 2.5 hours and it is needed to calmly try all the combinations, both those you ordered yourself and the neighbour’s 🙂

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All ingredients are super fresh and presented very professionally and tastefully.
However, we missed a fork as a cutlery option.



Ping’s Sakura’s focus is, for obvious reasons, on Sake, but should you not be a friend of this drink, there are plenty of alternatives, such as both Swedish and Asian beer and alcohol-free options.
For those of you who have not yet tried drinking Sake, this is a good place to get an introduction to drinks from someone who knows what they are talking about.


The waiters at Ping’s Sakura are pleasant and attentive, we are immediately shown to our table and offered to order drinks while we read the menu. Everyone knows that you read better with a beer in your hand 🙂
Despite our somewhat complicated requests and variations, everything is delivered correctly and within an acceptable time.

However, a small disappointment was when we asked about the spiciness of the sauces and received the answer that the waitress had never tasted these sauces. No answer any restaurant goer wants.

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Ping’s Sakura is located in central Stockholm and the prices should therefore be compared with similar restaurants. But having said that, Ping’s Sakura is not some super cheap Asian restaurant that serves fast food, but a serious restaurant that delivers high quality. The prices are therefore on par with other restaurants in central Stockholm.

The main courses are in the range SEK 250-400, a beer SEK 50-100


We would like to recommend you all to visit Ping’s Sakura. For a very good & memorable evening with an Asian food experience and maybe you will leave with an expanded knowledge of Asian food culture!
Affordable, familiar and very good

Vad säger andra som besökt Ping's Sakura
I really like this place! 🙂 Always great food and atmosphere, but you have to book a table in advance because they’re usually fully booked.
Dom verkar alltid vara underbemannade, vilket är tråkigt.
Var redo att tömma plånboken om ni tänker äta här.
Mycket gott bemötande, bra råvaror!
God mat och de gjorde det extra för att se till att min mamma hade en fantastisk födelsedag!

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