The Story of Mumma: A Guide to the Perfect Swedish Christmas Drink


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Mumma, a traditional Swedish Christmas drink, has a history that stretches back a long way. This refreshing and tasty beer combination has become a popular feature during the Christmas season in Sweden. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the history behind Mumma, share the recipe for making the perfect Swedish Christmas drink and answer some frequently asked questions about this traditional addition to the Christmas table.


During Christmas, it is common for families all over Sweden to gather to celebrate with a variety of traditional dishes and drinks. One of these drinks is Mumma, a beer combination that has become a favorite on the Swedish Christmas table. Mumma is a unique drink with an interesting history and a distinct flavor profile that has attracted people for many centuries.

In this guide we will take a deep dive into the history behind Mumma and explore its significance during Christmas. We’ll also share an authentic recipe for making the perfect Swedish Christmas drink and answer some frequently asked questions about Mumma. So let’s start by discovering the history behind this traditional Swedish drink.

The story behind Mumma

The history behind Mumma stretches back to the Middle Ages in Sweden. The drink has its roots in Nordic culture and has been developed and refined over the years. Mumma is said to have been inspired by other traditional European beer drinks and has since been adapted to the Swedish taste palette.

According to historical sources, Mumma was originally a variant of a drink called “mead”. Mead was a honey-based drink that was popular during the Viking Age and the Middle Ages. Over time, beer and other ingredients were added to the mead, giving birth to Mumma.

During the 19th century, Mumma became increasingly associated with Christmas in Sweden. It was a drink that symbolized celebration and community during this special time of year. Mumma became an integral part of the Swedish Christmas table and has since become a traditional Christmas drink that many Swedes look forward to enjoying during the Christmas season.

The tradition with Mumma during Christmas

Mumma has become an important part of the Swedish Christmas tradition. It is a drink associated with festivities, community and enjoyment. During Christmas, families and friends gather around the table to enjoy a lovely Christmas dinner, and Mumma is a drink that is often served as a tasty complement to the food.

Traditionally, Mumma is a drink that is made and served throughout the Christmas season. It is not unusual to see it on the Christmas table on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Epiphany. Mumma has become a symbol of community and celebration during Christmas and has a special place in the hearts of Swedish people.

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The recipe for making Mumma

Making Mumma is not as complicated as it might seem. With a few simple ingredients, you can create this delicious Swedish Christmas drink at home.
Here is the basis for creating the authentic recipe for a perfect Mumma:


  • 500 ml lager beer
  • 500 ml stout
  • 250 ml soda (lemon soda is recommended)
  • 75 ml madeira
  • A splash of gin (optional)
  • A pinch of cardamom spice

Make your own Mumma

  1. Carefully pour all the ingredients into a large jug.
  2. Stir to mix well.
  3. Serve Mumma in large wine glasses or brandy glasses.

This is the basic recipe for Mumma, but there is also room for personal adaptations. If you want, you can experiment with different types of beer or adjust the amount of certain ingredients to create a Mumma that suits your own taste.

The taste of Mumma

Mumma has a unique and distinct flavor profile characterized by a well-balanced combination of beer, soda and other ingredients. It has a fresh and refreshing character while having a certain sweetness and spiciness from the Madeira and the cardamom spice.

The special combination of lager beer and stout gives Mumma a rich and full taste, while the soft drink helps to balance and give freshness to the drink. The Madeira adds a subtle sweetness and complexity, while the cardamom spice adds a spicy undertone that complements the other flavors.

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Variants of Mumma

As with most traditional recipes, there are different variations of Mumma depending on region and personal preference. Some people prefer to use different beers or add additional ingredients to create their own unique twist on Mumma.

A common variant is to use different types of beer to give Mumma a different flavor profile. Some prefer to use a light lager with a darker stout to create a balanced and full flavor. Others may choose to use different types of ale or porter to give Mumma a different character.

Other variations may include adding extra spices or flavorings to Mumma. Some people may choose to add cinnamon, cloves or orange peel to give Mumma a Christmassy touch. There is also the possibility to experiment with different amounts of the existing ingredients to adapt Mumma to your own preferences.

How to serve Mumma

Mumma is traditionally served in large wine glasses or cognac glasses in order to enjoy its flavors in the best way. It is common for Mumma to be served at room temperature or slightly chilled, but some prefer to serve it chilled from the fridge to give it extra freshness.

Mumma can be served as a welcome drink or as an accompanying drink to a Christmas dinner. It is also a drink that is well suited to be enjoyed together with Christmas candies or other sweets. Mumma can be a pleasant surprise for your guests and a unique addition to your festive celebrations.

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Frequently asked questions about Mumma

What are the traditional ingredients in Mumma?

The traditional ingredients in Mumma are lager beer, stout, soda, madeira, gin and cardamom spice. These ingredients are combined to create the unique flavor profile characteristic of Mumma.

Can I make Mumma without alcohol?

Yes, it is possible to make a non-alcoholic version of Mumma by omitting the alcoholic ingredients, such as stout, madeira and gin. You can instead use alcohol-free beer and soda to create a similar flavor profile without the alcohol content.

What are the best beers to use in Mumma?

The choice of beers depends on personal preference and availability. Traditionally, lager and stout are used in Mumma, but you can experiment with different beers to find the flavor profile that suits you best.

Can I customize Mumma to my taste preferences?

Absolutely! Mumma is a drink that can be adapted to personal taste preferences. You can experiment with different amounts of ingredients, use different types of beer or add extra spices to create a Mumma that suits your taste buds

Concluding thoughts

Mumma is a traditional Swedish Christmas drink with a fascinating history and a distinct flavor profile. Making Mumma is easy and there is room for personal adjustments to create a Mumma that suits your taste. Serve Mumma at Christmas dinner or as a welcome drink, and enjoy its unique flavors with family and friends during the Christmas season. Mumma is a drink that symbolizes festivity and community and is an important part of the Swedish Christmas tradition.


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Slå till och gör alldeles egen god mumma till julbordet.
Course Drinkar, Julmat
Cuisine Svenskt


1 Karaff


  • 4 dl Vatten
  • 5 cm Kanelstång
  • 1 tsk Fänkålsfrö
  • 1 tsk Sichuanpeppar
  • 2 st Stjärnanis
  • 2 st Nejlikor (hela)
  • 5 cm Ingefära (skivad)
  • 3 msk Honung
  • 1 tsk Kardemummakapsel
  • 5 cl Marsalavin
  • 5 cl Gin
  • 2 burkar Guinness (880 ml)


  • Koka upp vattnet med kryddorna och låt sjuda i 20 minuter, ta av från värmen och låt stå ytterligare 20 minuter.
    4 dl Vatten, 5 cm Kanelstång, 1 tsk Fänkålsfrö, 1 tsk Sichuanpeppar, 2 st Stjärnanis, 2 st Nejlikor, 5 cm Ingefära, 3 msk Honung, 1 tsk Kardemummakapsel
  • Sila av, sjud och reducera till hälften.
  • Låt svalna och blanda med Marsala och Gin. Blanda med stout i en kanna precis innan servering. Serveras kall!
    5 cl Marsalavin, 5 cl Gin, 2 burkar Guinness
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